Recommended   Can be served hot
Superior Chocolate
Regular 39000 Large 45000

Thick fresh cream is added to rich cocoa, making this concoction one of the most delicious blends for choco-lovers!

Mixed Berries Chocolate
Regular 43000 Large 49000

There's no denying that berries and chocolates are made for each other be it in a fondue, ice cream, cereal bar, or in this case, a cup of bubble tea!

Hazelnut Chocolate
Regular 43000 Large 49000

Nothing is as heart-warming as rich cocoa mixed with the taste of roasted hazelnuts. Definitely a winning choice!

Chocolate Latte
Regular 43000 Large 49000

Coco Latte

Chocolate Smoothies with Oreo Cookie Pieces
Large 51000

In love with chocolate but got a crush on cookies? Smooth it out with this Choc-Oreo mix!

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